Friday, January 11, 2013

Where's Marky?

No doubt you have been wondering what I have done with my other half, or at least why he has not been contributing to Gringado lately.
Well, so have I.
It turns out it's a whole different experience coming to Mexico for the winter than coming here to make a living and call it home.
Especially so for Mark, who is rather stressed out and obsessive at the best of times. These days, even more than usual, it's ALL about the beer. For the past several weeks I have been waking up to complaints about the awful water quality, the lack of funding, agonizing about the name and logo, and going to bed to the the moans and groans of a man on the edge of madness.
But yesterday he sold his first case of beer, and today they ordered another. 
Finally, home brewed cerveza comes to San Miguel. 

The logo, designed by yours truly

Unpacking the  brewery in a suitcase

The first cases of Dos Aves Cerveza

Well, now that the ball is rolling, lets hope he comes back to us, Gringado readers. Meanwhile, you can read more about the Cerveceria Dos Aves on Mark's other blog, Beer Diary... at



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